New from LightSpeed:

Automate your Ordering Process

LightSpeed’s Connect is the most affordable online ordering solution in the marketplace. A quick back story – 4 years ago, a long-time LightSpeed customer called us with a problem. They had an employee retiring, who spent most of their 8-hour workday entering their customer orders into the software they used to run their business.  Could we develop an easy-to-use online ordering system that allowed their customers to send orders quickly and easily?

Six months later Connect was born. It was designed to do one thing and do it well – provide LightSpeed’s customers with an affordable way to get orders from their customers in an easy-to use-format. We decided that it’s high time that Connect gets to enjoy a moment in the sun. It’s reliable. It’s simple, and it solves a big problem – the manual ordering process.

If you have customers that are placing orders OR if your drivers place their own OCS & Food Orders, Connect will speed the process up, give you control over what is being ordered and make it easy for you to manage and pick the orders.

Product Highlights

  • Integrates with LightSpeed, so you can pick Connect orders using your existing LightSpeed system.
  • Restrict what products are seen by specific customers.
  • Show custom pricing by customer
  • Use the scheduling feature to prevent customers from ordering after a cutoff date.
  • Reporting capabilities that help you see what is being sold.
  • Use past orders as a template for new ones to easily place recurring orders
  • Receive an email confirmation with order summary after submitting order
  • Automatically see new products that you are promoting when they log into their account
  • Restrict which employees have the ability to place an order through login access
  • Order for multiple locations at the same time