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Cold food management is challenging for businesses of all sizes. Space limitations in the cooler makes it difficult to bring all the food out at one time to correctly sort delivery orders.  LightSpeed Cooler offers a solution to make this process much simpler.

Using an iPad mounted to a wireless printing cart, employees can stage trays in the cooler and have them identified by route. The cart is equipped with a WiFi printer that generates removable adhesive route tickets that stick directly to each tray. When food comes out of production, employees load the trays on the iPad push carts. They select the desired item. A  grid opens up and to instruct them how many of each item goes in each tray (the placement follows a pre-mapped route of the cooler).

Should they run out of a particular item before production is completed, they simply go to the next item. When the next item is selected, a new grid populates the screen, and they can begin placement. Once production catches up, employees can go back to a previous item on the iPad and continue exactly where they left off.

Product Features

  • Eliminates trying to read small paper printouts in a dimly lit cooler
  • Communicates all quantity changes to order provider for correct billing
  • Makes real time product substitutions
  • Reduces error by requiring confirmation of product counts
  • Applies route information directly to each tray
  • Completely wireless solution
  • On screen pictures help eliminate product errors
  • Mapped routing through the cooler for increased efficiency
  • Employee production and accountability tracking