Level is an advanced inventory management solution for business owners looking to control their largest expense, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Most operators have multiple providers that do not integrate with each other making inventory control a very manual process. Since LightSpeed picks all the orders that left the building, and we have over 30 integrations in the vending industry, we are in a position to give an operator complete control of their inventory.

Level also helps control the Product Life Cycle: operators will be able to know what their On Hand product quantities at any time, they will be able to see the Velocity at which their product leaves the shelf, it will control how Purchasing is conducted and how often, Receiving is managed using an intuitive PO system, Sales data is collected which in turn can reduce Inventory on hand.

With Cost of Goods Sold reaching more than 50% of total sales, Level gives an operator the tools necessary to make the largest impact on their bottom line.

Product Benefits

  • Shows you real time inventory. (Exactly how much you have on hand, no matter which zone or warehouse it is in)
  • Intelligent ordering determines the optimum level of inventory needed based on sales data and buying frequency
  • Reduces the amount of inventory currently on hand
  • Generates low stock alerts
  • Integrates with all service providers