Which Lightspeed is Right for You?

Listen to Real Operators talk about LightSpeed


Designed for operators with 8+ vending routes, FastTrack is a pick-to-light system that provides the operator with the fastest efficiency in warehouse fulfillment. High volume snacks are loaded on gravity-fed shelving unit.  The employee walks down the line pushing a tote on a conveyor and picking the snacks based on the quantity that is displayed on the LED light. FastTrack will increase the average items picked per hour from 750 to 1600.

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With the rapid expansion of micro markets, Xpress is a perfect solution for maximum picking efficiency. It is a high speed wireless picking system that is built on the iPad platform. Product pictures, employee tracking, and optimum order sequence are just a few of the advanced innovations included. It can be used as a stand alone system for micro markets or combined with FastTrack to pick sodas, cold food, and candy.

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