Carton Flow Shelving

What is carton flow shelving?

Carton flow shelving is a gravity fed system of rollers that will push product down to the front of the railing when you remove an empty box. This allows for a rapid picking pace by eliminating the need to restock product during active picking.


The first two sections in the picture are 8’ wide by 8’ deep and has 5 carton flow beds in them. This operator can hold 105 SKU’s in these two sections. This allows the warehouse employees to pick prekits very efficiently by not taking many steps. They can pick both markets and vending off this same line.

LightSpeed is proud to offer our customers Interroll Carton Flow shelving. Their roller technology allows for a lower slope as you can see in the picture to the left. This gives an operator the ability to get additional shelving in one section therefore getting more SKU’s in a smaller footprint.  When space is an issue, this provides the flexibility to handle the volume required without having to expand the number of sections.


All of the components are interchangeable. The tracks pop in and out very easily allowing for maximum flexibility. As the product mix changes (and box sizes) you can change the configuration of the beds to handle the new product.

Interroll’s carton flow beds can be attached to existing standard pallet uprights. Most operators already have uprights and if not they can usually be bought locally and most dealers have used inventory. This would allow an operator to use the top of the pick line for storage.


Each Interroll carton flow bed comes with 4 Universal adapters. This is the function that allows the beds to be attached to virtually any upright. This operator is using two 42” uprights with a 12” space in between them to hold these 8’ deep beds. It is important to still use cross beams supports to make the pick line stable.

A standard carton flow pick line is 8’ wide by 8’ deep and has 6 sections. This depth allows the line to be fully stocked prior to prekitting and reduces the number of times it has to be restocked during active picking. In many cases an 8’ depth can hold all the inventory of a specific product and eliminate the need to store it on pallets or other shelving.


Lane dividers help keep boxes in a straight line and from sticking to each other. Interroll’s tracks come in different wheel dimensions and LightSpeed has worked with them to develop product category specific beds.