LightSpeed FastTrack is a pick-to-light vending pick system that provides a cost effective solution for vending companies. The system simplifies order fulfillment during the picking process by using light-signals to direct the fulfillment personnel.

When the FastTrack system is part of the order picking environment, it enables a picker to quickly and easily find the correct bin location by means of LED displays rather than paper along an assembly line. Besides guiding the picker to the exact location, the lights also display the precise amount ordered and then requires confirmation when each item is picked.

The FastTrack system is a highly versatile solution which works seamlessly within a wide array of system configurations. Our turn-key installation process can convert any operation into a highly efficient facility within days.

See It In Action

Product Benefits

  • Over 20 years industry specific knowledge and experience
  • High Volume locations identified for moving short dated product
  • Full VMS integration with Cantaloupe™, Streamware™, MEI™, Vendsys™ & Validata™, ParLevel™
  • Full Micro Market integration with Avanti™, Company Kitchen™, Breakroom Provisions™, 365 Retail™, Revive™ & Three Square Market™
  • 5 Color Picklight
  • Advanced Prekit Scheduler
  • Detailed bar coded tote tags
  • Up to 3 times faster than most standard order picking systems
  • Seamless communication of all quantity and product changes to handhelds and VMS packages
  • Completely paperless
  • Auto-load option for continuously processing multiple orders
  • Detailed prekit cost anaysis-by unit, tote, route, day, week, month
  • Detailed product returns cost analysis-by unit, tote, route, day, week, month
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to train new employees